NEXT Biometrics and Innolux, Invest in Mass Production of NEXT’s Flexible Fingerprint Sensor Technology

Oslo, Norway – NEXT Biometrics Group ASA, Innolux, and NEXT Biometrics Group ASA today jointly announced that they are investing in establishing mass production capacity for the previously showcased NEXT flexible fingerprint sensor technology.

Innolux and NEXT Biometrics has worked together for many years and NEXT Biometrics is manufacturing volumes of rigid fingerprint sensors at Innolux plants in Taiwan. With NEXT Biometrics` recent introduction of the world´s first flexible fingerprint sensor, the companies have agreed to do joint investments to enable mass production of these new fingerprint sensors. NEXT Biometrics has previously communicated a production capacity target of 2 million flexible sensors per month in 2017, growing to 10 million per month in 2018.

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