New Technology Answers Latest Security Threat

SAN DIEGO, CA -- One Resonance Sensors, LLC (ORS) unveils technology to address the latest threat to travel security – improvised explosives hidden within mobile devices. The MobiLab ES, a Portable Electronics Scanner, uses chemical-specific radio-frequency technology to provide safe and fast detection of explosives and precursors in mobile phones, chargers and other devices. The screening system provides airport security checkpoints the ability to quickly inspect electronic items, which are the source of the most recent security alert.

"Our technology provides a compact, powerful, and cost-effective option for screening electronic devices," said Dr. Pablo Prado, Co-founder and CEO of ORS. "It will enable security checkpoints worldwide to quickly inspect a wide variety of electronic articles, regardless to whether they are powered on or off."

This week, new security measures require travelers on flights departing Europe, Africa and the Middle East travelling directly to the US and UK, to power up electronic devices as a part of the security screening process. The new measures could dramatically slow international security checkpoints and inconvenience passengers, who may be delayed or forced to surrender their electronic items.

ORS's MobiLab ES -Portable Electronics Scanner- offers a solution by quickly and accurately screening for improvised explosives in mere seconds. The technology uses radio-frequency signals – similar to a clinical MRI – to detect concealed hazardous materials. The method has been demonstrated to be effective with sub-threat amounts of high-energy explosives.

How it works

1. Place portable electronic device into detection cavity and press "INSPECT." A simple "Alarm" or "Clear" response is provided in seconds
2. Uses quadrupole resonance radio-frequency sensing
3. Proven to detect sub-threat quantities of a wide range of plastic explosive materials
4. Detects concealed explosives regardless of their configuration
5. Leverages development from MobiLab® BLS product for bottled liquids - European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Endorsed Type B Bottled Liquid Scanner


1. Compact
2. Single touch operation - Minimal training required
3. No moving parts
4. Self-calibrating
5. Inspection of most compact mobile devices and configuration options for laptops

"We believe the Portable Electronics Scanner can help airport security officials address this latest threat while minimizing the disruption and delays for passengers," said Prado.

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