New Smart Sense Technology Empowers Retail Store Teams

ORLANDO, FL -- Indyme, provider of real-time shopper engagement and loss prevention technologies, introduces Smart Sense Touch, a new technology which instantly alerts retail staff to sales opportunities and suspicious activities. This new Touch technology detects the handling of displayed merchandise to identify when and where shoppers have interest and may need assistance; additionally, some activity types also pinpoint possible theft activity. Instant store team notification of these actionable events empowers staff to efficiently and proactively engage shoppers, an action known to significantly increase sales and deter merchandise theft.

A small wireless Smart Sense Touch sensor, which readily mounts to almost any type of store fixture, detects vibrations induced by merchandise removal from shelves or peg hooks anywhere on that fixture. Sophisticated algorithms analyze these vibration signatures identifying events of interest, which are then processed by flexible business rules to instantly notify appropriate store staff when needed.

For example, Touch sensors placed on high-value high-service merchandise displays typically notify staff as soon as a customer handles these items. At evaluation stores, this dramatically increased proactive customer engagements, resulting in increased conversions and higher tickets.

Conversely, at high-risk merchandise locations, Touch notifications may occur only when events such as possible sweeps or attempts to cut packaging from locked peg hooks are suspected. Proactive engagements to these events are a powerful theft deterrent. This increased awareness of high-risk stock movement often permits unlocking secure displays to improve access, reduce customer frustration, and increase sales of items such as expensive fragrances, liquors, electronics devices, tools, and cosmetics.

In addition to staff notifications, a small flashing light and "chirp" annunciator on the Touch sensor activates during a suspicious event, also a proven theft deterrent. Potential thieves fear what they don't understand or anything that draws attention to them, yet this simple chime is typically unnoticed by honest shoppers.

The sensor's wireless design, small size, and adaptable mounting means monitoring can be implemented without impacting retail planograms or attracting unwanted attention. This enables the sensor to vigilantly monitor activity at all times, even in otherwise hidden merchandise locations.

Describing recent multi-month tests at major retail chains, Joe Budano, CEO of Indyme, said, "The results were overwhelmingly positive in these stores; not only in significantly reducing shrink through increased awareness, which we expected, but the stores also enjoyed a surprisingly strong uptick in high-value merchandise sales and even scored higher on customer satisfaction ratings."

Regarding the new Smart Sense Touch, Terry Clancy, Indyme's Western Europe Commercial Director, commented: "Retailers are increasingly under pressure to deliver a higher level of service and customer experience while protecting their sales and products. This new technology enables retailers to instantly identify in-store customer activity and execute a response strategy to leverage these previously untapped sales and loss prevention opportunities."

Terry continues, "Our own research reveals how highly shoppers value good service, with some 78% deeming it an important shopping experience element. The study also revealed most shoppers will only wait five minutes for assistance before leaving; often straight to a competitor. This represents a huge loss of sales due to failure to engage customers. Smart Sense Touch provides real time awareness empowering staff to effectively and efficiently increase engagement rates."

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