New Sensor Rapidly Assesses Bridge Condition After Earthquakes

ATLANTA /PRNewswire/ -- LifeSpan Technologies, an innovator of advanced structural condition-assessment solutions for civil infrastructure, announces the commercial availability of its newest PeakStrain sensor, allowing rapid and accurate evaluation of bridge conditions after a seismic event.

Visual inspection techniques have been used to assess the condition of bridges for decades, both in the U.S. and many other countries. However, engineers in the U.S. and Japan know that visual inspection is subjective, highly variable, and not sufficiently reliable for long-term bridge management. It is also slow and can be costly if bridges have to be visually inspected after each seismic event.

"The Japanese transportation system relies on the Shinkansen high-speed trains for long distance, on-time performance," commented Peter Vanderzee, President and CEO of LifeSpan Technologies. "Since Japan resides on an active seismic zone and experiences earthquakes quite frequently, engineers at Japan Railways have been searching for a more efficient and accurate protocol to assess bridge condition after a seismic event. For trains running in excess of 180 mph, accurate and timely condition assessment is absolutely essential. We are honored to be a supplier to Keisoku Research Consultant (KRC) and Japan Railways on this project."

Mr. Takuji Okamoto, President of KRC, stated that LifeSpan's new extended range PeakStrain sensor will be used by Japan Railways to monitor lateral displacement of bridge members as a result of seismic activity. "The Shinkansen is a vital link across our country. After a seismic event, LifeSpan's extended range PeakStrain sensor will allow Japan Railways to quickly determine if Shinkansen bridges can continue to be used, or must be shut down, to protect passengers and railway equipment."

Information about these new sensors can be obtained by calling LifeSpan at 770-234-9494 or by emailing [email protected].

About LifeSpan
LifeSpan Technologies develops industrial strength and advanced condition assessment solutions that power confident decisions and deliver the engineering standard of care for deficient infrastructure though superior, real-time information. These solutions combine patented sensor technology with wireless communications and the Internet, enabling infrastructure managers to continually assess safety, extend asset life, and minimize life-cycle cost. LifeSpan's solutions are intended to complement, not replace, visual inspection.

LifeSpan Technologies' advanced 24/7 condition-assessment solutions have been deployed on bridges owned by state departments of transportation and toll road operators, and other civil structures across the U.S. LifeSpan Technologies' patented PeakStrain sensor is intended for long-term monitoring in difficult environments and captures peak strain data without power. The sensor is used to monitor critical defects and suspect structural members, measuring displacement/strain, crack growth/propagation, or relative movement.

LifeSpan Technologies is a privately held, veteran-owned corporation. Find LifeSpan Technologies by telephone at 770-234-9494.

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