New ROHM Semiconductor Switching Regulators Meet High Operating Voltage, Extended Temperature, and Small Layout Requirements

SANTA CLARA, CA -- ROHM Semiconductor introduced two new switching regulator series designed to meet the high operating voltage, extended temperature, and small layout requirements demanded of today's high performance, space-constrained power supply applications. Delivering extremely high power efficiency over a wide current load, ROHM's new switching regulators are optimized to support a comprehensive range of industrial, consumer and battery-powered equipment power supplies. As users demand increased performance from smaller power supply applications, ROHM's expanded DC/DC switching regulator line offers significant efficiency advantages over other voltage regulators and permits designers to further shrink board sizes.

ROHM's BD9G101G DC/DC converter features a high and wide input voltage range (VCC=6V~42V), an integrated internal high-side 42V power MOSFET, and provides 0.5A of DC output.

ROHM's high-efficiency 6MHz synchronous step-down switching regulator BU9000xGWZ utilizes an ultra-low current pulse-frequency modulation (PFM) mode and provides up to 1.0A of load current with an input voltage range from 4.0V to 5.5V.

"ROHM's new switching regulators deliver in-demand integrated features and smaller sizes, allowing designers to reduce space by more than 20%. And all this value comes at a more competitive price," said Mark Aaldering, Sr. Director of Technical Marketing at ROHM Semiconductor. "With increased power efficiency and wide voltage input capabilities, customers can implement reduced power and energy saving features that improve system reliability for a broader range of applications."


• Battery-Powered, Secondary POL, Distributed Power Supplies
• Power supplies in: ◦LCD TVs
• Broadband/Communications Equipment
• Printers
• Notebook/Tablet PCs, Servers
• Gaming Equipment
• Storage Devices (HDDs/SSDs)

Evaluation boards supporting the two products are available through distribution. For more information on ROHM's expanded line of switching regulators, please click here.

Pricing: US $0.63 each/3,000 (BD9G101G) and US $0.76 each/3,000 (BU9000xGWZ)
Availability: Mass Production Now
Delivery: 14 weeks ARO
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