New Product Innovation Award Presented to Zensorium

SINGAPORE -- Zensorium was honored with the 2014 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Mobile Health & Wellness Tracking New Product Innovation Award at the 2014 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Best Practices Awards held on the 16th of October at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore.

This Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award is presented each year to the company that has demonstrated a keen understanding of consumer needs and successfully introduced one or more high quality products that has had a positive impact on the market.

With an increasing strong interest in healthy lifestyle and overall fitness among the public, there is a demand for complementary products that are technology focused and well-positioned to meet the needs of the consumers.

"Health and fitness monitoring devices have become very popular in the last 2 years. However, a key challenge faced by technology providers is to come up with a device that is stylish, user-friendly and offers multi-parameter sensing capabilities with minimal maintenance requirements. Singapore start-up, Zensorium, has been able to address the aforementioned challenges through its product, Tinke, which is a fitness and wellness tracking device that perfectly fits customer needs," said Wai Fun Kee, Principal Consultant, Technical Insights, Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific.

Smartphone accessories are becoming a key attractive market for both users and developers alike, with health and wellness tracking products constituting a major part of it. However, most fitness tracking products are either difficult to use or are not able to provide accurate multi-key-parameter sensing capabilities. Zensorium has been able to effectively address these challenges with Tinke, a product that is highly likely to be accepted by users around the world for tracking their health and fitness simply and effectively.

"Tinke is the optimal solution for customers seeking an elegant and portable device for fitness and health monitoring applications. The stylish device is paired with a smartphone app that allows the user to understand two distinct factors: Vita index and Zen index. The Vita index gives an indication of fitness by integrating data from an individual's respiratory rate, heart rate, and blood oxygen level. The Zen index provides an indication of the person's level of relaxation from an individual's heart rate variability. Monitoring these parameters helps individuals manage daily activities including workouts more effectively," Kee added.

With top features including the customization options, stylish design, attractive price and reliability matched by positive customer feedback, Tinke has become a leading contender in the health and wellness equipment industry.

"Zensorium has sold Tinke to customers in over 30 countries, which testifies the high customer acceptance of the product. With its strong overall performance, Zensorium's Tinke has earned Frost & Sullivan's 2014 Asia Pacific New Product Innovation Award in Mobile Health and Wellness Tracking," Kee concluded.

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