New product brochure from WayCon

WayCon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH, known for its precise sensor solutions, presents its product range in a new brochure. This provides an insight into the entire sensor portfolio for cable, laser and ultrasonic sensors as well as linear potentiometers, magnetostrictive transducers and capacitive position sensors. All the relevant technical data are explained in detail.

The product range of WayCon includes inexpensive wire sensors with high reliability and precision accuracy. Equipped with a sturdy anodised aluminium casing, as well as optional Hartcoat® coating with a V4 measuring cable for corrosion protection, WayCon guarantees durability, even under the harshest of conditions.

For especially fast and accurate measuring work, WayCon also presents it proven laser sensors. In various versions, these sensors guarantee measurements in the micrometre range at a fast measurement frequency. The dot and line lasers even penetrate transparent discs.

WayCon’s linear potentiometers feature a variety of casing forms and installation options, including for spring stroke measurement, for example. What’s remarkable is the flexible mounting using clamping blocks, ball joints and flange.

Product information on magnetostrictive transducers and capacitive location sensors is also included in the brochure, along with ultrasonic sensors.

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