New Pressure- and Temperature-Sensitive Paint System for Aerospace Industry

DAYTON, Ohio /PRNewswire/ -- Innovative Scientific Solutions Inc. (ISSI) has launched its Pressure & Temperature Sensitive Paint (PSP/TSP) system for aerospace research and teaching applications. The system was designed and tested in association with the Small Business Innovate Research program through close cooperation with Wright Patterson Air Force Base and has resulted in a fully proven and commercially packaged system.

ISSI says its PSP/TSP system has proven to be an effective and non-intrusive measurement system over a wide range of flows and models from 20 meters per second up to Mach 5. These measurements include boundary layer transition using TSP, pressure and temperature on the suction surface of a rotating compressor blade, and heat transfer and pressure measurements on the impingement surface of compressible impinging jets.

ISSI's system is, according to the company, a fully integrated and proven testing and data acquisition platform. It comes complete with a light source, optical filters, CCD camera, specially developed paint with luminescent probes, paint guns, system software with a graphical user interface and all necessary connecting hardware.

To further advance the technology ISSI has retained TekMark Growth Partners to develop new business opportunities across commercial, government and university aerospace research and teaching markets. David Klein, a principal consultant with TekMark, commented, "ISSI's PSP/TSP system is truly an enabling technology packaged in a user friendly and cost effective design. Its ability to measure a variety of parameters for small models and thin surfaces not practical for pressure taps makes it an ideal platform for aerospace wind tunnel research and teaching."

The PSP system is capable of working with wind speeds as low as 20 meters per second, has temperature sensitivity lower than 0.1% per K and pressure sensitivity higher than 4% per psi. In addition to temperature and pressure measurements, the system is also capable of performing velocimetry measurements using a new technique, Particle Shadow Velocimetry that is similar to Particle Image Velocimetry. Finally, a new sensor for skin friction, Surface Stress Sensitive Films, has recently been developed. This technique has been used to make skin friction measurements in both air and water on several models as well as on the wall of an artificial heart. This technology is available as an add-on to the system.

About ISSI ISSI, is an engineering research & development company dedicated to providing innovative and unique solutions and support to the government, industry and academia. Our staff has extensive experience in fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, combustion, and plasma dynamics related areas. We specialize in the development and application of advanced laser-based diagnostic techniques, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models, design, testing, and product development.

About TekMark Growth Partners
TekMark Growth Partners Ltd., is a leading technology, marketing and strategic management consulting firm. We help technology and engineered product based companies grow through a variety of proven processes and programs focused on new business development, new product development, technology commercialization, channel management, technical research, competitive analysis and overall strategy development. In addition to the aerospace industry, other focus market and product areas include semiconductors, MEMs devices, nanotechnology, electronics, optics & photonics, sensors, thin film processing equipment, test & measurement systems, industrial equipment, and other similar products and industries.

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