New MIRA Partnership Sparks Development of Batteries and Powertrains for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

BIRMINGHAM, England -- A new collaboration agreement between MIRA and Samsung Techwin is set to bring forward the development of bespoke battery and powertrain systems for automotive and off-highway hybrid and electric vehicle applications.

MIRA and Samsung Techwin will jointly develop cost effective, optimized battery and powertrain systems for commercial vehicle, defense vehicle or niche passenger car manufacturers, deploying state of the art cell technologies and tailoring the solution to the individual OEM.

The partnership will bring together MIRA's capabilities and experience in design, development and testing bespoke battery and powertrain systems, alongside Samsung Techwin's access to state of the art cells and manufacturing facilities that provide quality at a competitive price.

Dr Geoff Davis, MIRA's Chief Commercial and Technical Officer, said: "This partnership has been formed in response to the increasing demand for hybrid and electric powertrains. Although this is led by the passenger car sector, OEMs are increasingly recognising the significant cost savings that can be made through the technology - both in terms of fuel consumption and emissions.

"In order to achieve these savings, it is vital that battery and powertrain systems are matched and optimised to their applications and MIRA and Samsung Techwin are best placed to deliver this. Bringing together global skills and expertise, these exciting new developments will enable us to work in partnership with OEMs to understand their precise applications and develop a solution that delivers the strongest savings and greatest efficiency."

Mr Hong Ha, Senior Vice President of Samsung Techwin, said: "Samsung Techwin can access high quality battery and powertrain systems components and manufacturing expertise, and MIRA has excellent capabilities and expertise in the automotive field, especially in design, testing and validation. Based on this, I believe our partnership will have a huge potential to open up many business opportunities in the future for mutual benefit and growth."

The partnership builds on the success of three years of collaboration in battery pack and electric power train development between the two businesses.

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