New Market Analysis on Inertial Measurement Units

DUBLIN, Ireland /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "IMU Market 2007 - 2012" report to its offering, providing unique in-depth, global view of the inertial measurement units (IMU) market, including:

  • a global overview across six fields: defense, aerospace, naval, industrial, automotive, and consumer electronics;


  • analysis of RLG, FOG, HRG, Quartz, and silicon MEMS technologies;


  • market evaluation of 45 IMU applications.

IMU refers to a system with three mutually orthogonal gyros and accelerometers. The IMU industry in the field of aerospace is very mature, but as MEMS and quartz technologies move toward higher performance, they are finding their way into these markets. The road is long before these technologies will enter in direct competition, but new uses and new applications are emerging from these advances.

The decline of mechanical accelerometers, such as DTGs, creates interesting business opportunities for other IMU system technologies. FOG, HRG (or other resonant devices), and MEMS technologies are good substitute solutions. The market opportunity comes both in new applications as well as the replacement market for aerospace and defense systems.

New applications are increasing in both high-performance markets and low-performance consumer markets. Sensors clusters are already integrating 4DOF to 5DOF solutions in gaming and handheld GPS products, for example.

Customers are currently requesting 6DOF for selected applications, and the demand is only starting. The challenges to build these consumer IMUs are very high, and only a handful of players will manage to provide the appropriate solution.

The key question in this field is currently: Which partnerships will form to provide processing and appropriate packaging solutions to the hundreds of medium- to low-volume customers? Opportunities are wide open in this field in the next 3 years.

The complexity of the IMU industry requires complex monitoring of the market. As industry leaders are monitoring the MEMS and other miniaturized quartz technology advances, challengers are evaluating the market opportunity of new applications and potential replacement of older systems.

Market report provides a global and in depth market overview of the IMU industry and a description of the leading players. Estimates the 2007 IMU market to represent $1.85 billion.

The market is mainly dominated by aircraft and missiles applications. The overall growth rate is limited to single-digit growth, but selected applications are expected to experience a significant growth.

Key Features

  • 7 IMU technologies


  • 6 fields investigated


  • 45 IMU functions evaluated


  • 20 company profiles


  • 180+ Pages

The report gives an exhaustive analysis of the potential applications and a segmentation of aerospace, defense, naval industrial, automotive, and consumer electronics fields. The market analysis details each application using the following criteria:

  • description of the application and benefit of IMUs;


  • function and specification requirements for IMUs;


  • description of the final product market players and trends;


  • analysis of the competitive technologies and players;


  • analysis of the IMU module market;


  • global market evaluation of IMU applications: volume in munits, average single price, and 2007-2012 value forecasts;


  • description of the products and technologies: product specifications and technological and business trends;


  • evaluation of major players market share and potential new entrants.

The report not only describes the market at the player and application level, but it provides a global view of the IMU market, allowing the report user to build diversification strategies, taking into account technical requirements.

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