New Linearization Technology Makes Its Debut at Sensors Expo

ROSEMONT, Ill. /MARKET WIRE/ -- Australian technology company Science Logic Pty Limited announced that its sensors business, Tau Research, will present its new sensor linearization technology at Sensors Expo and Conference, Rosemont, Ill., on June 7.

According to the company, the technology sheds new light on a long-standing problem: how to design sensor linearization circuits that have the best possible linearity. Major industries, such as automotive, medical equipment, consumer and industrial electronics, and building automation—all heavily reliant on sensors—will benefit from this new technology.

"The conventional view of sensor linearization is hardly what you'd call glamorous," says Carl Renneberg, CEO of Science Logic. "But for us, it's a hot area of research, capable of delivering significant commercial benefits."

He points out that current approaches to sensor linearization can add cost to the system—in components, software, area, and power consumption. The global sensor market is worth about $15 billion, creating many opportunities for an optimized linearization technology.

According to the CEO, Tau Research has developed new methods of linearizing sensors that, in some cases, approach the theoretical limits to linearity performance. Depending on how it is used, he says, the new technology can increase performance or decrease cost, or both.

"But it is not just linearization we are targeting," he says. "The same technology can be used to optimize temperature compensation circuits. We see this as a platform technology, with broad application in sensor systems."

According to the company, several factors drive its market opportunities. Customers continually demand better quality sensor-based products, with more features at lower cost. OEMs want to satisfy their customers, yet increase profit margins and market share. And in the company's view, the coming wave of self-powered, low-cost networked sensors will demand stringent performance from every aspect of their design, including linearization and temperature compensation techniques.

About Science Logic
Science Logic Pty Limited is a private Australian technology company. Its new sensor business, Tau Research, provides specialized electronics design and consulting services.