New Emerging Technology Scheduled to Hit World Market

DETROIT, MI -- Lexel Imaging Systems Inc., a subsidiary of Detroit based Citidal Partners LLC, announces its revolutionary new safety system, Guardian View 360™. Designed for the aerospace, transportation, and security industries, Guardian View 360™ is a complete end-to-end video and data management system providing security, surveillance, and analytics.

Guardian View 360™ makes blind spots a thing of the past. Using sophisticated hardware and software, the system streams in real-time an uninterrupted 360 degree Free-Eye™ surround view of an entire vehicle or building exterior. Combined with remote monitoring, GPS tracking, telemetry, and Cloud storage, Guardian View 360™ is keeping the world safe in ways never before imagined.

"This new emerging technology, Guardian View 360™, enables airlines, fleet operators, and security companies the ability to significantly reduce costs related to accidents and security breaches," said Matt Pavlovich, President of New Business Development for Lexel Imaging Systems Inc.

Lexel Imaging Systems Inc. is working with Fujitsu Corporation and two major universities to develop and launch this groundbreaking new product. Guardian View 360™ is scheduled to hit the market in late 2014.

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