New Eaton Ratings Help Industrial Control Panel Design

PITTSBURGH, PA -- Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation announced it is enabling control panel builders to construct control panels that improve safety while preventing application errors. Helping panel builders meet a wider range of short circuit current ratings (SCCR), the newly tested combinations of Eaton's molded case circuit breakers and power distribution blocks are Underwriters Laboratory (UL) listed for SCCR up to 65 kA at 480 V.

"Eaton is committed to increasing safety, and is able to help customers design industrial control panels, navigating both UL 508A and National Electrical Code requirements," said Zari Talebi, marketing manager, Eaton. "Ultimately, we are able to help prevent application mistakes, and provide solutions that address a variety of fault current levels, resulting in safer, more cost-effective installations. The new ratings offer several options for distributing power within a control panel through feeder- and branch-circuit taps."

The new high SCCR for power distribution blocks, when used in conjunction with Eaton Series G molded case circuit breakers, offers industrial control panel builders the flexibility of power distribution blocks, along with small size, reset capability, and add-on accessories of circuit breakers, without sacrificing the overall short circuit rating of the panel.

Previously, a branch circuit in a UL508A control panel with an unmarked power distribution block was assigned a maximum value of 10 kA. This rating limits the overall SCCR the panelbuilder can achieve. Using tested combinations of Eaton's molded case circuit breakers and power distribution blocks, the default rating of 10 kA is able to be increased substantially, to as high as 65 kA, depending on the breaker and block used. The new ratings allow for many configurations that make it easier to select the breaker and block to meet the desired short circuit rating for the control panel.

Panel builders for industrial control panels, industrial machinery electrical panels and HVAC equipment have several options when distributing power within a control panel through feeder and branch circuit taps:

  • Listed and tested power terminal blocks and molded case circuit breakers with high short circuit current ratings
  • Multi-wire terminals mounted on the load end of the circuit breaker
  • Multi-equipped molded case circuit breaker terminals

About Eaton's Electrical Sector
Eaton's Electrical Sector is a global leader in power distribution, power quality, control and automation, and monitoring products. When combined with Eaton's full-scale engineering services, these products provide customer-driven PowerChain Management solutions to serve the power system needs of the data center, industrial, institutional, public sector, utility, commercial, residential, IT, mission critical, alternative energy and OEM markets worldwide. PowerChain Management solutions help enterprises achieve sustainable and competitive advantages through proactive management of the power system as a strategic, integrated asset throughout its life cycle, resulting in enhanced safety, greater reliability and energy efficiency.

About Eaton
Eaton Corporation is a diversified power management company with 2008 sales of $15.4 billion. Eaton is a global technology leader in electrical components and systems for power quality, distribution and control; hydraulics components, systems and services for industrial and mobile equipment; aerospace fuel, hydraulics and pneumatic systems for commercial and military use; and truck and automotive drivetrain and powertrain systems for performance, fuel economy and safety. Eaton has approximately 70,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 150 countries.

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