New Disc-Con Pressure Switch Avoids Need For Micro Switch And Related Problems

BURBANK, CA -- Hydra-Electric Company, a provider of breakthrough technology in sensors and switches for the aerospace industry, announces the introduction of its new Disc-Con pressure switch. The Company made the announcement from the Paris Air Show, where it is exhibiting in Hall 5, Stand C-249.

The innovative patent pending design utilizes a disc contact spring to perform two key functions: 1) Sensing: The disc spring snaps into action when the pressure actuation point is reached; and 2) Switching: Simultaneously the contact within the disc spring snaps and makes contact with an electrical interface sending an electrical signal. It is this second function that has been traditionally served by the micro switch.

"Our new Disc-Con design was driven in part by complaints from our customers over the problems associated with the micro switch," said Tim Burmood, Director of Sales at Hydra-Electric. "This includes false signals and chattering of the contacts in high vibrational environments, dead break problems, contamination of contacts, high contact resistance and other factors that contribute to an undesirable level of failures."

In response, Hydra-Electric came up with a simplified approach that eliminates the micro switch. The streamlined design of the Disc-Con pressure switch requires 50% fewer parts than the standard pressure switch. Additionally it allows for external adjustment, which is a strong advantage over the current pressure switch designs for aerospace systems.

"It's only fitting that Hydra-Electric would introduce this new breakthrough in aerospace pressure switches," said John Tang, Director of Switch Engineering at Hydra-Electric. "After all, it was Hydra-Electric's founder, Allen V.C. Davis, who developed and patented the snap action sensing of pressure by means of the negative rate disc spring. Since that time, our Company has continued to introduce innovative new designs in both switches and sensors."

Operating characteristics of the Disc-Con pressure switch (Series 73H) are available at:

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