New DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP Specifications Published

ARCwire -- Open DeviceNet's Vendor Association (ODVA) announced that the next editions of the DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP specifications have been published. These new editions are the second publication of updates in 2006 and bring a range of enhancements to the specifications that further increase ease of configuration.

Over 20 specification enhancements were integrated into these next editions, allowing more comprehensive and useful information to be contained within Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) files, adding Device Type Manager configuration options and facilitating the deployment of the networks with increased flexibility.

The EDS enhancements allow the key features and benefits of DeviceNet to be more readily exploited. The update enables variable I/O sizes to be specified within EDS files, provides a means for the contents of connection entries to be described, and allows the Device Classification section of the EDS file to be used to specify whether or not a module is a DeviceNet module. All of these enhancements will simplify device configuration in a network.

A further enhancement—both to the DeviceNet specification and the wider CIP specification—removes the limitation where some text strings are English language only, allowing local languages to be used. Additional enhancements to DeviceNet include improved diagnostics capabilities, the extending of power cable lengths from the previous 3 m maximum up to a new 39 m limit, and the ability to use the innovative flat media cables and connectors.

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