New Consumer Electronics Sensor Testing Tool -- Enhanced Capability

HILLSBORO, OR -- In the pursuit of creating seamless integration for the connected future, the strategic partnership between Allion USA and Cinder Solutions has yielded yet another innovation in sensor testing & validation.

The CRT-2SR-M1 2-Axis Rate Table is a bench-top positioning and rate table designed for motion sensor validation in the consumer electronic space. The unit features continuous motion for the x and z axes and our versatile interface package that includes a real-time GUI interface, a drag and drop test-designer and C++ and Python APIs. The CRT-2SR-M1 represents an ideal option for any development effort involving motion sensors.

Typical Applications for Validation Testing:
• Wearable Tech
• Tablets
• Phones
• Home Appliance
• Automotive
• Gaming Peripherals
• Aerospace
• Toy Manufacturers

This multipurpose automation platform augments the validation testing services provided by Allion USA and is also available for purchase as a stand-alone tool.

Cinder Solutions has developed a variety of tools to support its ever growing validation services, as well as the capability for custom test solutions, industrial design, prototyping, manufacturing and more.

For more information and to see the CRT-2SR-M1 2-Axis Rate Table in action visit

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