The New Capacitive Ceramic Pressure Sensor

Using newly developed digital analysis electronics in its tried and tested pressure sensors, Endress+Hauser extends its product range in customized pressure instrumentation. The new Ceracore 4.0 and the MySensor modular system offer innumerable possibilities of combining pressure sensors with customized electronics, housing designs, process connections and electric connections – just as demanded by application requirements. The new signal processing electronics works digital, thus offering digital interfaces (SPI/UART) and / or an analog ratiometric voltage output signal. The lowest supply voltage ranges at 2.9V and there is the possibility of an individual adaptation to the application. Parameters, e.g. the span or the measuring range, can be individually adapted. Settings may be realized at the plant or by customers. The new Ceracore 4.0 corresponds to the specifications of the RoHS Directive and is available in two design sizes (Ø32.4mm / Ø17.5mm). Measuring ranges between 0…50mbar and 0…70bar are available for relative pressure applications and for absolute pressure between 0…100mbar and 0…70bar. The Ceracore 4.0 is produced of highly pure Al2O3 ceramics (99.9%) for parts in contact with the medium and is thus extremely resistant against corrosive and abrasive media. Since the capacitance measuring principle does not require any medium like oil for pressure transmission, the pressure sensor is vacuum resistant and offers a high overload resistance up to 40 times the measuring range. Further information is available at:

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