New AquaMaster 3 Offers More Power Options

WARMINSTER, PA, -- ABB has upgraded its proven AquaMaster electromagnetic water flowmeter range with an expanded range of power source options, making it ideal for water billing applications in virtually any location. Based on ABB's AquaMaster Explorer transmitter, the AquaMaster 3 offers a choice of mains and battery power options, plus an all-new renewable power version which can draw power from either solar or wind-powered energy sources.

The creation of the renewable power version of the AquaMaster 3 marks a continuation of the high reliability, accuracy and innovation set by its predecessors. A simple DC (6-21V) connection can be hooked up to sources as small as a 5 W solar panel or 60 W equivalent wind supply. When coupled with its use of super capacitor energy storage technology, this feature totally eliminates the need for either mains or battery power, making the AquaMaster 3 suitable for use in even the remotest locations.

By using electrostatic energy storage, super capacitors offer a reliable alternative to conventional battery technology. Unlike batteries, which experience a chemical reaction whenever energy is stored or discharged, super capacitors can withstand thousands of charging cycles with no degradation.

In the mains-power mode, the SuperCap technology maintains continuous measurement and alarms reporting via SMS for up to seven days in the event of a power failure. This is expanded to up to three weeks for the renewable power mode, with the SuperCap also acting to power the meter during the night.

A new development in the battery-only version of the AquaMaster 3 is the additional option of lithium batteries, offering an extended operating life of up to 10 years in standard applications and improved performance in harsh applications above 45°C. Where the cell battery is used, the SuperCap enables the battery to be replaced without loss of logger contents.

The addition of this new technology is part of an ongoing development of the AquaMaster flowmeter since its initial launch in 1999. Since that time, the range has been upgraded with various world-firsts, including GSM/SMS technology which uses the same technology as a mobile telephone to provide access to real-time data using a PC or via SMS messaging to a mobile telephone.

By using ABB's AutoChart data handling and interrogation software, which is designed to integrate with the AquaMaster's SMS output, operators can now also gain true anytime, anywhere access to a wealth of powerful flow measurement data. Installing the AquaMaster 3 is made simple by its use of ABB's 'fit and flow' intelligent installation technology. With this technology, all aspects of an installation are stored within the sensor, including the site settings, calibration factors and any serial numbers usually required during installation, maintenance or replacement. When connected to a transmitter, all of this information is automatically uploaded from the sensor, greatly simplifying the installation and commissioning process.

Further installation benefits also arise from the AquaMaster 3's robust design. Its IP68 fully buriable sensor and terminal box, plus the transmitter's durable plastic housing, enable the AquaMaster 3 to be fully buried or submerged with no impact on performance, eliminating the time and cost of building an installation chamber. Even when installed under a road, the flowmeter can still be remotely monitored from a convenient roadside location.

In common with every electomagnetic flowmeter, there are no moving parts, so nothing ever wears out, offering users a maintenance-free device that delivers the highest levels of reliability throughout its operational life. The AquaMaster 3's advanced sensor design, for example, enables an unobstructed flow of water, preventing the build-up of any particles that could cause potential blockages and delivering a negligible pressure loss.

High reliability and accuracy have been ensured by the development and testing of the AquaMaster 3 to all the relevant standards including OIML/R49.

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