The new Amerlux Stellina creates the shape of light to come

OAKLAND, NJ -- With the introduction of the new Stellina Linear LED, Amerlux takes your light source out of the traditional straight-line format and into an arched realm of new design possibilities. These softly curved fixtures reshape light with innovation, flexibility and quality performance.

"Our new Stellina family offers clean lines and sleek styling with lighting solutions that express a seamless synthesis of aesthetics, performance, control and energy efficiency," explains Amerlux CEO and President Chuck Campagna. "These LED fixtures will help you reimagine your lighting architecture while maintaining unequaled Amerlux value, high output, efficacy and advanced optics. There is nothing quite like Stellina."

Constructed with a one-piece extruded aluminum housing with die-formed galvanized and cold-rolled steel components, Stellina Linear LED fixtures are very thin at approx. 1.5 inches and are available as a direct pendant, indirect pendant or low bay fixture. Color temperatures include 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K.

Stellina fixtures can be equipped with integrated Enlighted Smart Sensors, the most advanced digital sensors ever designed and engineered with unique, secure data-rich architecture that helps achieve sustainability goals. Intelligent controls are customized for digital photometric, dimming and motion sensing to help management professionals reduce lighting costs by an average of 70 percent, without compromising comfort. The sensors create a seamless, dense data network which collects and communicates detailed information wirelessly on building occupancy and performance, environmental conditions, ambient light levels, temperature, and energy consumption, with the potential to extend savings to HVAC, demand response systems, security, safety, and other space management applications.

Stellina Direct Pendant is ideal for commercial retail and supermarket direct aisle and general lighting applications. Stellina Direct is available in 5 watts per foot (with 20-watt systems) or 10 watts per foot (with 40-watt systems). Offered in Individual housing lengths, including end caps of 49 or 97 inches, continuous rows can also be provided to the nearest foot. Optics include a die-formed high reflectance white powder coat reflector, a flush mounted acrylic snap-in lens, and proprietary batwing optics for vertical light distribution. Optional symmetrical lens are available.

Stellina Indirect Pendant is perfect for commercial and retail indirect ambient lighting applications. Stellina Indirect is available in 5 watts per foot (with 20-watt systems) or 10 watts per foot (with 40-watt systems). Individual housing lengths include end caps in lengths of 56 or 104 inches. Continuous row lengths are available. A die-formed, high reflectance metal reflector optic is standard.

Stellina 22 Low Bay LED Pendant is perfect for case lighting in aisles or general lighting applications. Offered in 10 watts per foot for 20-watt systems, 20 watts per foot for a 40-watt system, and 40 watts per foot for an 80-watt system, individual housing lengths are offered in two-foot or four-foot lengths. Optics include a die-formed high reflectance white powder coat reflector, flush mounted snap-in acrylic lens, and proprietary batwing optics for vertical light distribution.

The fixtures can be mounted using aircraft cable or continuously mounted in a row. All fixtures are offered in standard high reflectance white finishes. Custom finishes are available.

The electronic multi-volt fixtures operate on a power supply with universal voltage (120v-277v) and are dimmable on 0-10V systems for increased energy savings. The luminaires also operate with Lutron Hi-lume dimming systems and DALI drivers.

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