New Access Points Link Wired and Wireless Networks

DENVER /PRNewswire/ -- Tendril, a leader in network operations platform software for customizing and deploying wireless sensor and control networks (WSCN), announced Tendril Access, a line of user-friendly, flexible access points that provides functional access to any 802.15.4/ZigBee WSCN from traditional computing platforms, such as PCs. Designed to serve as a gateway between wired and wireless networks, Tendril Access comes prepackaged with a simple-to-use Windows driver with associated API, all for under $100. Tendril Access can stand on its own as a WSCN access point to support an organization's homegrown applications, or Access can connect to Tendril's modular Network Operations Platform to create a prebuilt, cohesive, and comprehensive WSCN system.

Tendril is unveiling the product at the ZigBee Alliance Open House in Seoul, South Korea, where the company is a Silver Sponsor and a featured exhibitor.

"With this line of access points, Tendril is now the go-to vendor for the ZigBee industry. Rather than manufacturing a gateway in-house or buying an expensive, hard-to-program special-purpose gateway, organizations should consider choosing Tendril Access because it provides the easiest method of accessing 802.15.4/ZigBee WSCNs from traditional network computing platforms. Access provides the simplest way to integrate WSCNs into a variety of PC-centric applications," said Adrian Tuck, CEO of Tendril. "This product addresses one of the most pressing needs of companies that are deploying WSCNs—the availability of cheap, off-the-shelf access points that connect in a variety of physical ways. Tendril Access is a core addition to Tendril's modular suite of integrated products, which help organizations streamline the process of accessing, deploying, monitoring, managing, developing, and integrating sensors and actuators to a wireless network."

Following are a few of the features and benefits of the Tendril Access product line:

  • Simplified Windows Interface, which avoids the techno-jargon of standard out-of-the-box USB drivers


  • Communication Interface, which provides a basic communication interface on both the access point and the PC for handling traffic


  • Sample Code, which provides easy-to-understand and easy-to-integrate sample code for the access point, enabling users to connect with the serial interface on the radio chip


  • Future Upgradeability—whether you want to put your own binary image on the access point or one of Tendril's standard binary images for Tendril's product line, Access is easily upgradeable via a bootload mechanism


  • Building Block for Entire Lifecycle of Tendril Products—use Access by itself for your specific applications or incorporate Access with Tendril's deploy, monitor, manage, develop, or integrate products

Tendril Access will be available in Q4 2006. To purchase Tendril Access or to obtain additional product information and specifications, contact Tendril at 303-951-4360 and ask for a sales representative, or visit Tendril's Web site.

About Tendril
Tendril is uniquely positioned to catapult the "Internet of Things" economy to critical mass by assimilating everyday electrical things into the enterprise-computing environment. Our focus is on network operations and deployment, the next big stage of the wireless sensor and control network industry. We make software that allows companies to access, deploy, monitor, manage, customize, and then integrate these networks into the rest of the real world. With this approach, Tendril can address the macro trends of energy efficiency, security, life expectance, and connectedness that will generate new revenue streams for companies in the industrial and building automation, physical security, and home automation industries. For more information, visit Tendril's Web site.

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