Neusoft Reach Launched Internet-based Intelligent Charging System for Electric Vehicles

SHENYANG, China -- Neusoft Reach Automotive Technology (Shanghai) Ltd, Co. officially launched an Internet-based intelligent charging system for electric vehicles. The system implements intelligent interconnection of three networks including V2G (Vehicle to Grid) network, Charging Pile network and Mobile APP network through cloud services and data center, thus EVers (Electric Vehicle Users) can benefit from the most convenient "Plug and Charge" services.

Relying on Neusoft's practices in the field of automotive electronics for over two decades, Neusoft Reach is focusing on the key technologies to promote the transformation of automotive industry. Neusoft Reach is dedicated to innovations in the fields of new energy automotive battery management and core intelligent charging technology, advanced driver assistance system based on the technologies of image identification and sensor fusion, driverless technology and telematics IOV based on open cloud platform, with the aim to further accelerate Neusoft's expansion in automotive sector.

Following on the announcement to establish the joint venture made by Neusoft and Alpine on July 29, 2015, Neusoft Reach has officially settled in Shanghai, China. The new launched Internet-based intelligent charging system for electric vehicles is the company's first product, marks Neusoft Reach has actively entered into the field of new energy automotive.

Currently, Neusoft Reach is the only provider in China that has implemented the interconnection between vehicles and charging piles by using power line communication technology. The V2G network in the intelligent charging system developed by Neusoft Reach uses the power line communication technology that can implement information communication between the vehicle and charging pile via the charging cable. The communication conforms to the international standards, and the physical charging interface is compatible with GB/T. The V2G network makes some advanced charging features possible, such as vehicle identification, charging control and dynamic power adjustment.

The Charging Pile Network in the intelligent charging system is composed of the charging piles accessing the Internet. It implements data collection of the vehicles, and the charging piles throughout the whole charging process. The communication between the charging pile and cloud conforms to the open communication protocol, which is independently designed and developed by Neusoft Reach. EVers can install Neusoft Reach Charging APP and enjoy the convenience from searching the pile, charging the EV, and paying the bill all by using a mobile phone. Manufacturers of charging piles can integrate the Neusoft Reach Pile Intelligent Communication Terminal to connect their piles to the Charging Pile Network, and manufacturers of electric vehicles can deploy the V2G network by installing the Vehicle Intelligent Communication Terminal into their vehicles.

Mr. Jian Guodong, General Manager of Neusoft Reach stated, "Neusoft Reach will integrate the technology advantages and market resources of Neusoft and Alpine China to move to product orientation and promote the transformation of Internet + automotive industry. The intelligent charging system launched by Neusoft Reach has filled the gap of power line communication technology in the field of electric vehicle charging in China, and also built a new ecosystem that includes cloud data analysis, charging services, electric car sharing services and derivative business operation. Therefore, it is not only an innovation in technology, but also an innovation in business, which will enrich the development model of new energy automotive and the way people transport, and generate more innovation potentials of intelligent, Internet-based and new energy-based automotives."

Mr. Cao Bin, Director of Neusoft Reach's EV business said, "Under the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the construction speed and ease of use of charging infrastructure are very crucial, and the integration of Internet technology and charging facilities will change the business model of charging network, and offer great convenience for consumers. Based on Neusoft's more than 20 years technology, experience and resources, Neusoft Reach launched the intelligent charging system for electric vehicles, which can realize the Internet+ charging network and significantly promote the construction process of charging infrastructure."

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