Network-Ready Wireless Gateway Hops On IIoT Bandwagon

LORD Sensing, MicroStrain’s WSDA-2000 Wireless Sensor Data Aggregator wireless gateway solution connects high-speed sensor data directly to the cloud. Users can capture up to 256,000 samples per second across the wireless sensor network with up to 4,000 samples per second per node. It includes the ability to remotely connect to SensorCloud, an optional web-based data platform that allows users to upload, visualize, and set alarms for vast amounts of data.


Additionally, the WSDA-2000 can provide GPS time and location by adding a LORD inertial sensor. It also includes a USB connection for direct PC connections. For further enlightenment and engaging specifications, feel free to peruse the WSDA-2000 datasheet. You can also call and/or email the company for more info at 1-877-275-5673 and [email protected].

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