NetComm Wireless Wins New IoT Innovator ACOMM Award

SYDNEY -- NetComm Wireless Limited was named winner of the new ACOMM Award category - IoT Innovator at the 10th Annual Communications Alliance ACOMM Awards Dinner last night in Sydney. This is the fifth consecutive year that NetComm Wireless has won the communications industry's premier award for innovation.

NetComm Wireless was awarded the IoT Innovator honour for its Smart Home Gateway (NTC-70), a world first Internet of Things (IoT) device designed to transform the future of energy management by lowering household emissions and sustaining energy efficiency through the connection and remote management of energy meters, sensors, heat pumps and home automation devices in real-time.

Designed to interoperate with mobile networks globally, the Smart Home Gateway facilitates the efficient use of energy resources worldwide. The device is used by Hitachi to support its development of ICT infrastructure for the Smart Community Demonstration Project in Greater Manchester, UK.

The NTC-70 supports the collection of large amounts of data from residential homes and businesses through a centralised management system and is engineered to enable power aggregation functions that can remotely control consumers' energy measurement equipment while also supporting electrical power demand adjustments and analysis.

The highest honour of the evening was presented to NetComm Wireless CEO and Managing Director, David Stewart, for his significant and valuable contribution to the Australian communications industry with the presentation of the Communications Ambassador 2016 award.

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