Neoconix Introduces LPM Family of Ultra-Thin Electrical Connectors

SAN JOSE, CA -- Neoconix announces immediate availability of its LPM (Low Profile Mobile) family of standard connectors utilizing its PCBeam™ technology. Featuring an ultra-low profile mated height of 0.28mm, the product family has been developed specifically for flex-to-board connections in mobile applications such as tablet computers, laptops, smart phones, fitness trackers, virtual reality glasses and other portable / wearable electronics requiring interconnect with combined functionality (I/O and Power in the same connector), high performance, and high reliability within the smallest possible dimensional footprint.

The LPM product family has 19 different configurations, with pin counts ranging from 12 positions to 84 positions. The family leverages Neoconix's highly developed PCBeam™ technology. The company has filed over 60 patents on PCBeam™ technology and has shipped over 1 Billion contacts in the past 10 years. The technology provides the unique capability to combine high-speed signals and power connections within the same connector. Neoconix low profile connectors are used today in applications running up to 28Gbps and at greater than 5A of current.

"Neoconix is proud to continue leading the electrical connector marketplace in terms of thinness," said Woody Maynard, VP of Marketing for Neoconix. "These connectors are literally thinner than a business card, which not only saves space, but also results in an extremely short signal path for low resistance and excellent signal integrity. Moreover, the LPM family represents the first full line of standard products from Neoconix enabling customers to realize the fastest time-to-market (TtM) and ramp-to-volume (RtV)."

The LPM family of connectors is available today off the shelf through Neoconix and its Sales Representatives. Any LPM connector may be ordered to support a production ramp of 2+ Million units per month.

Neoconix is best known for rapid development and production of custom electrical connectors (often within 2 weeks) at very low Non-Recurring Engineering costs (NRE). Neoconix will maintain its custom connector solution and will allow customer to define custom connectors based on a standard LPM solution.

The full range of LPM electrical connectors are available now with pricing below $0.015 per contact in volume production.

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