NEMS-Based Gas Chromatography Device from APIX

Analytical Pixels Technology (APIX)

The GCAP from Analytical Pixels Technology (APIX), Grenoble, France, is a gas chromatography device for industrial and petrochemical applications, including process monitoring, energy distribution, safety, security, and environmental control. The device is based on nanoscale silicon components licensed from CEA-Leti and Caltech. The GCAP can work with a number of different carrier gases, including scrubbed air. Other features include the ability to analyze most chemicals in <1 min. and to separate and quantify individual molecules among hundreds of interfering substances, limit detection for most chemical compounds <1 ppm without preconcentration and in the ppb range with preconcentration, and the ability to use <10 µL of analyte to.

Contact Info

Company: Analytical Pixels Technology (APIX)
Country: France
Phone number: +33 4-38-78-63-24

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