Nemotek Offers Wafer-Level Optics for Portable Apps

MOROCCO -- Nemotek Technologie, a manufacturer of customized Wafer-Level Cameras for portable applications, announced its Wafer-Level Optics (WLO) solutions are fully qualified and now available to customers. Producing thousands of lenses simultaneously on a single wafer, Nemotek Technologie streamlines the manufacturing process delivering a more cost effective and miniaturized wafer level based on reflow compatible materials.

The reflow compatible materials are used to build the optical elements of the camera module, which are efficiently mounted directly to a board for camera phone or other mobile device assembly. Since this is the same solder reflow process used for assembling other electronics, customers save time by using the same procedure throughout the production cycle. Nemotek Technologie enables customers to save costs with less components and manual processes ensuring higher quality at affordable prices. A fixed focus optics feature also eliminates the high costs of manual focus adjustments present in other non-wafer offerings.

To provide high performing quality products, Nemotek Technologies successfully completed a series of internal tests and qualifications for its wafer level lenses. Several of the stress tests included a reflow test to verify all the materials used to build the lenses are reflow compatible. Other qualifications included industry-level high temperature and solar radiation tests. All the completed tests were in compliance with the Standard Mobile Imaging Architecture (SMIA).

"With the completion of several stringent tests for our wafer-level lenses, we believe our products are now of the highest quality at less cost while featuring a superior manufacturing process than other offerings," said Jacky Perdrigeat, CEO of Nemotek Technologie. "The market is ready for wafer-level technology and we are pleased to be one of the first to manufacture these high-demand wafer offerings."

Nemotek Technologie's 10,000 m2 facility which includes a certified Class 10 clean room is the first in Africa located in the Rabat Technopolis Park, a hub for technology development in Morocco. In this facility will be produced high quality, low defect wafer-level solutions.

About Nemotek Technologie
Nemotek Technologie manufactures customized Wafer-Level Cameras for portable applications. The company provides customers with design and manufacturing services for Wafer-Level Packaging, Wafer-Level Optics and Wafer-Level Cameras. Established in May 2008, Nemotek Technologie is funded by Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion (CDG). The company features a world-class manufacturing and clean room facility located in the Rabat Technology Park, a hub for technology development based in Morocco.

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