Near-Infrared Technology Clears Up Night Vision Apps

OmniVision Technologies’ Nyxel is heralded as a revolutionary near-infrared (NIR) technology that leverages unique silicon semiconductor architectures and processes to eliminate challenges that plague existing approaches to NIR detection in image sensors. The result is an increase in quantum efficiency (QE) up to 3x at 850 nm and 5x at 940 nm, when compared to the company’s legacy NIR-capable sensors. The image sensor now sees better and farther under the same amount of light, extending the image detection range. To match the performance of existing systems, Nyxel technology-based camera systems require fewer LED lights, thereby reducing overall power consumption.


The Nyxel approach to NIR imaging combines thick-silicon pixel architectures with management of wafer surface texture to improve QE, and extended DTI to help retain MTF without affecting the sensor’s dark current. NIR image-sensitivity improvements promise unrivaled image quality, extended image-detection range, and a reduced light-source requirement that translates into lower power consumption. For more details about Nyxel, contact OmniVision Technologies Inc., Santa Clara, CA. 408-567-3000.

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Analog Devices ADIS16500/05/07 Precision Miniature MEMS IMU Available Now from Digi-Key

The Analog Devices’ ADI ADIS16500/05/07 precision miniature MEMS IMU includes a triaxial gyroscope and a triaxial accelerometer. Each inertial sensor in the MEMS IMU combines with signal conditioning that optimizes dynamic performance.

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