NBA Team Implements Brain Performance Monitoring


SyncThink is partnering with the NBA’s Washington Wizards. The team will adopt the SyncThink platform to better understand the role fatigue plays on brain performance throughout the course of the season. The team's performance and medical staff will work closely to screen and monitor current players, as well as the roster of the Wizards G League affiliate Capital City Go-Go, and for future assessments of draft-eligible prospects.




The Washington Wizards join the Atlanta Hawks and Golden State Warriors as the most recent NBA franchises to implement objective eye-tracking metrics to evaluate performance readiness and quantify the risk of injury to players with poor dynamic vision. Both teams’ interest in better evaluating how the brain recovers during the season can allow them to understand the accumulation of travel, optimization of sleep schedules, and if adjustments to training schedules can translate to decrease injuries and better on-court performance.


The Wizards are the latest sports organization to adopt the SyncThink platform, joining numerous college and professional teams, and many hospitals and clinics throughout the US, who are interested in seeking out cutting edge technology and utilizing objective analytics that can guide clinicians and performance professionals to make better-informed decisions in the optimization of player performance. 


The SyncThink platform offers objective insights into athletic performance as professional teams and leagues continue to evaluate methods and best practices to combat the cumulative effect of fatigue and improve brain performance with dynamic vision training. The SyncThink platform is equipped to identify, retrain, and optimize the brain’s performance so athletes can avoid injury and reach their performance goals.


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