Navigation-Grade Accelerometers from Bricett

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INN-202 accelerometers from Bricett, Yesilkoy/Istanbul, Turkey, are navigation-grade devices for use in strap-down inertial navigation systems for aircraft, marine, and land applications. The quartz-flexure sensors feature a ±50g input range, 80µg bias repeatability, 10 µg resolution, and 0–200 Hz bandwidth. The sensors feature high stability with temperature changes, analog output, and no ITAR restrictions. Applications include inertial navigation systems for helicopters and manned and unmanned aircraft; missile guidance systems; orientation systems for oil drilling; and navigation/orientation/gyrocompassing systems for naval vessels, submarines, ROVs, and AUVs.

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Company: Bricett
Country: Turkey
Phone number: +90 212 4650577
Fax: +90 212 4650599

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