National Security and Public Safety Communication System Unveiled

CHICAGO /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- InfrAegis Inc. (Ia), will unveil the latest innovation in the war against terrorism on Thursday, April 27th, at Navy Pier in Chicago, IL. iaMedium is a national security and public safety communication system with the ability to detect a variety of hazardous threats, deploy prescripted countermeasures, and provide a first responder communications system to ensure reliable broadcasting in the event of a catastrophic terrorist attack or natural disaster.

"IA's proposal to the U.S. and other world governments offers cities, ports, and border-crossings the latest technology to protect and inform people while addressing potential budgetary concerns with a unique advertising and distribution channel, generating revenue to fund its installation and operation," says Greg Webb, Chairman of InfrAegis. "iaMedium is designed to work continuously through natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and other crises to deliver public and emergency messages concerning everything from crowd control to evacuation routes. Imagine how this system could mitigate the loss of life, suffering, and damage caused by terrorist attacks or natural disasters, such as tidal waves or severe storms like Hurricanes Katrina and Rita."

iaMedium's national security and public safety communication system is designed for global installation in cities, transportation systems, airports, and buildings, as well as corporate and university campuses and sports and entertainment venues. Taking the physical form of a terminal, iaMedium provides a vital national security solution by casting a safety ring of detection for nuclear, radiological, chemical, biological, explosive, and other hazardous threats by using an array of cutting-edge hazard-detection sensors and cameras.

iaMedium incorporates four of IA's detection systems:

  • Nuclear/Radioactive Isotope Detection System, which statistically eliminates the possibility of false positive alarms
  • Computer-Aided Trace Detection System, which determines whether weapons of mass destruction, explosives, firearms, opiates, vehicle-smuggled humans, or other contraband materials are present
  • Incident Video Synchronization System (IVSS), which records multiple streams of digital video in both day and night formats, positively identifying a detected vehicle, cargo container, or person via remote monitoring
  • Global Operations Monitoring and Analysis Center (GOMAC), which monitors, records, analyzes, alerts, and enacts automatic preapproved electronic countermeasures when a threat is detected

Administracion Portuaria Integral (API) (Integral Port Administration in English), in an effort to make the Port of Manzanillo one of the safest ports in Mexico, worked with InfrAegis to install the Vehicle/Pedestrian/Rail Detection System, which incorporates Ia's Nuclear/Radioactive Isotope Detection System and GOMAC. The system has been operating in Mexico's Port of Manzanillo without interruption since November 2005. The system detects radioactive and nuclear material entering or exiting the port without disrupting port operations or workflow. API installed the security system to detect the attempted importation of radioactive/nuclear material, which is one of the most serious threats facing the overall security of ports, port employees, and valued trading partners.

About InfrAegis Inc.
InfrAegis Inc is a security technology and media distribution company that provides products, solutions, and countermeasures to protect and defend borders, ports, mass transit systems, airports, financial institution systems, and critical infrastructure against acts of terrorism. Established in 2003, InfrAegis is highly regarded for its ability to implement leading-edge technology to detect, analyze, and monitor weapons of mass destruction and hazardous/contraband materials. The company is dedicated to applying predesignated countermeasures during emergency situations to save lives, protect assets, and mitigate damage. InfrAegis is based in Chicago, IL, with affiliated offices in Athens, Madrid, Mexico City, and Singapore.

InfrAegis is a registered trademark of InfrAegis Inc. iaMedium, Incident Video Synchronization System, Computer-Aided Trace Detection, Vehicle/Rail/Pedestrian Detection System, and Global Operations Monitoring and Analysis Center are trademarks of InfrAegis Inc.

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