NanoSensors Initiates Biosensor Design Evaluation

SANTA CLARA, CA /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- NanoSensors Inc., a nanotechnology company that develops instruments and sensors to detect explosives, chemicals, and biological agents, announced that it has initiated an evaluation on a generic biosensor design that will accommodate a sensor on a chip.

A preliminary industrial design of a biosensor product has started. The design includes the electronic package for housing the sensor, the technique for mounting the sensor in the housing, and the procedure for assembling the device. The process details on functionalization of the sensor to detect specific agents and a technique to protect the sensor assembly after the functionalization process are being developed.

The prototypes of this generic biosensor design will be built by year-end. The schedule for independent third-party testing of these prototypes is in the first quarter of 2007.

About NanoSensors Inc.
NanoSensors Inc. was incorporated in December 2003 and is a nanotechnology development company based in Santa Clara, CA. The company's principal business is the development, manufacturing, and marketing of sensors and instruments to detect explosive, chemical, and biological agents, along with the management of intellectual property derived there from that will enable NanoSensors to create nanoscale devices.