NanoMarkets Announces New Report on Printable Electronics

GLEN ALLEN, VA /PRNewswire/ -- NanoMarkets, a leading industry analyst firm, has announced a new upcoming report that will address the market opportunities arising from the use of silver powders and inks in printable electronics. The report will be available in June of this year and extends NanoMarkets' on-going coverage of the emerging printed electronics business. Details about this and other reports can be found on the firm's Web site.

Silver Powders and Inks for Printable Electronics: 2007-2014
Silver's unique chemical properties have made it the most widely used conductor in printable electronics (PE). As many as 20 firms are already supplying powders and/or inks into the PE space. Until very recently, silver for PE represented a tiny niche in the specialty chemicals market. However, as the PE business takes off, silver inks show promise to become a product that will sell in large quantities. NanoMarkets' latest forecast shows revenues from these inks exceeding $1.0 billion by 2014.

NanoMarkets considers this area to be a substantial business opportunity, and it raises a number of questions.

  • Where is the most profitable place for a materials firm to position itself, as a powder maker or higher up the value chain as an ink maker?


  • Will the older inks based on silver flakes be eclipsed in the marketplace by the latest nanoparticulate silver inks?


  • Are there other new conducting materials out there that will hurt the chances for silver inks in the future PE business?


  • For which printing processes does it make sense to develop silver inks?

This new report from NanoMarkets will answer these questions and more. In this new report that is the "first of its kind to address the future of the market for silver inks in PE," the firm examines the applications in which these silver inks will find their largest markets; the technical evolution of silver inks in terms of conductivity, thermal requirements, environmental stability, and formulation trends; and the activities of all the major manufacturers of silver inks and related powders and analyzes their strategies and how well they are working. Finally, the report provides detailed revenue forecasts for silver inks broken out by application, type of ink, and type of printing process.

About NanoMarkets
NanoMarkets is a leading provider of market and technology research and industry analysis services for the thin-film, organic, and printable electronics businesses (which we refer to as TOP Electronics.) Since the firm's founding, NanoMarkets has published over two dozen comprehensive research reports on emerging technology markets. Topics covered have included sensors, displays, OLEDs, HB-LEDs, e-paper, RFID, photovoltaics, smart packaging, novel battery technologies, printed electronics, organic electronics, emerging memory and storage technologies, and other promising technologies. NanoMarkets' client roster is a who's who of companies in specialty chemicals, materials, electronics applications, and manufacturing. NanoMarkets also hosts a blog on the Web.

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