Nanocrystalline Common-Mode Chokes Mount On PCB

Nanocrystalline Common-Mode Chokes Mount On PCB
Schurter Inc.

The DKIH series common-mode chokes are now available with a nanocrystalline ring core, offering eight times higher inductance performance than ferrite core versions in the same compact dimension. They are designed for single- and three-phase applications with rated currents from 10A to 50A. Other features include an open design, IEC 60938, UL 1283 and CSA 22.2 no. 8 approvals, voltage ratings of 300 Vac (IEC, UL) and 250 Vac (CSA), and an inductance range of 1.6 to 6.9 mH. Additionally, the DKIH-1 and -3 have an operating temperature range of -40°C to +100°C and are available with a standard pin out or customer specific pin out. Variations in the winding are also available upon request.

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