Nano Needs You!

WHO: Nano Dimension USA, an additive electronics provider.


WHAT: Nano Dimension is conducting a short 10-question survey to gain a deeper understanding of industries interested in or using 3D printed electronics currently or in the future for various applications, such as multilayer PCBs, flexible electronics, 3D mechatronics (non-planar designs), antennas and RFID, sensors/IoT, and embedded components. The survey also will ascertain 3D printing usage in industries including automotive, defense, aerospace/aviation, consumer electronics, telecoms, healthcare and education. 

Sponsored by Digi-Key

TE Connectivity Horticultural Lighting Solutions Available Now from Digi-Key

TE connector, relay and filter solutions can help create a fine maze network of power-cabling to the lights needed for vertical farming. Their solutions are interchangeable, easy-to-install, and will last for years in variable humidity environments.




WHERE:  SurveyMonkey                                  


For more information, visit Nano Dimension.

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