NACEL Deploys Advanced Wind-Assessment Systems

CODY, WY /Marketwire/ -- NACEL Energy Corp., a growing wind-power company generating clean, renewable energy for America, has enhanced its technology platform to maximize efficiency from its expanding portfolio of wind-energy projects, including the recently announced Blue Creek and Channing Flats projects in west Texas. NACEL Energy is deploying wind-energy measurement and assessment systems from industry leader NRG Systems Inc. (NRG) to bring 80 megawatts (MW) of new wind power online by 2010.

NACEL Energy President Brian Lavery stated, "NACEL Energy is combining advanced technology from NRG with our operation team's decades of experience to ensure our projects produce clean energy from wind effectively and efficiently. With Blue Creek and Channing Flats, NACEL Energy now has 40 MW of new wind power under development, bringing us half-way to achieving our 80 MW objective."

NRG, a global leader in wind measurement and assessment technology, produces advanced systems, instruments, and sensors that measure and analyze wind speed, direction, and other environmental data. More than 100,000 NRG installations are being used for wind-energy assessment and turbine control in 120 countries around the world.

Florida Power & Light, Shell, and BP also have wind-energy projects under development in the region. The Texas Panhandle's flat topography, constant wind velocity, and favorable access to transmission infrastructure make the area one of the U.S.'s' premier wind-energy corridors.

NACEL Energy Corp. is a rapidly growing wind power–generation company developing clean, renewable energy for America. NACEL Energy is among the first in the nation to develop utility-class wind-energy projects, with a sustainable footprint of 20 MW and the participation of local partners. The company is on track to develop 80 MW of new energy to power 25,000 U.S. homes by 2010. NACEL Energy was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Cody, WY.

For more information visit the NACEL Energy website.

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