N1 Technologies Inc. Patents Nano Organic Motor Oil

BELIZE CITY, Belize -- The directors and management of N1 Technologies Inc. have filed a patent for a bio-based non-petroleum motor oil. The company has taken renewable plant oils and added Tungsten and Carbon Nanotubes to the oil blend. The result is a "Green" motor oil that performs in many ways better than standard petroleum motor oil. "Tests conducted on older high mileage vehicles have yielded tremendous results, one 200,000 mile engine still runs like new," states N1 Technologies CEO Steve Lovern. The nanotechnology engineered into the organic oil blend is the key to its ability to transfer heat, reduce friction and increase the life of the motor oil. "A bio-degradable motor oil that can go toe to toe with the best petroleum motor oil is the Holy Grail and we believe we have it with NanoSave N1-Organic," says Steve Lovern CEO.

The Organic Bio-Based Motor Oil patent describes the assembly process for blending Nanotubes and various highly viscous all natural plant oils to form NanoSave N1-Organic. Plans are in the works to seek a Green Seal Certificate in the near future. The company has geared up for manufacturing and now sells NanoSave N1-Organic from their website and it is available directly from Amazon. It has proven to be one of the best selling oil products in the NanoSave N1 lineup. http://www.amazon.com/nanosave Video Link: http://www.nanosave.blogspot.com/

N1 Technologies Inc. is a Global leader in Nanotechnology Research and Development. The company innovates, manufactures and markets a wide range of nano engineered advanced products. N1 Technologies Inc. has a number of new and revolutionary Nano Engineered products currently in its development pipeline. Additional information regarding the company and its diverse product line will be forthcoming in the near future.

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