MyDx’s OrganaDx and AquaDx Sensors Featured in NBC and ABC Network Television News Reports

LA JOLLA, CA -- MyDx, Inc. announces that its recently launched OrganaDx and AquaDx sensors are continuing to capture the attention of major US television broadcast news stations. This is a direct reflection of both the recent national water crisis as well as the increasing concern amongst consumers that much of our food is being sold with excess amounts of potentially cancer causing pesticides.

Friday, November 25, 2016, NBC Channel 6 News aired a report on MyDx’s OrganaDx sensor. In its report, it cited the organic food industry and its 2015 $43 billion addressable market. It quotes organic farmer Rachel Middleton on camera, “I think if people knew what was really in their food, there is no way that they would want it.”

The report continues to show the reporter validating the OrganaDx sensor’s ability to detect an Organic vs. Non-Organic banana. It goes on to describe OrganaDx as, “A consumer friendly, food safety test.”

Additionally, after shipping free AquaDx sensors to Florida residents affected by the Mosaic water crisis in Florida, a story published by ABC Action News indicated the water near Mosaic was safe to drink per the US Military Exposure Guideline for Safety standards used by MyDx. Third party testing lab results that were later reported were in line with MyDx results, indicating the water was safe to drink. One of MyDx’s core features is that it is able to provide reliable and immediate results as was proven in this case.

Commenting on the recent nationwide food and water news coverage, Daniel Yazbeck, Chairman and CEO of MyDx said, “The people on our planet are undergoing a massive shift in consciousness with respect to the quality of what they eat, drink and inhale, and MyDx is right where we want to be – enabling newly conscious consumers to make informed choices with real time affordable testing.”

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