myDevices and Arduino Partner to Accelerate IoT Development

Los Angeles, CA --- myDevices, creators of Cayenne, the first drag-and-drop IoT project builder, announce its solution integration with Arduino, the open-source software and hardware ecosystem.

Arduino gives IoT developers a number of features when choosing the perfect board including WiFi, BLE, IR, NFC, Ethernet, and more. Because of its openness, flexibility, ease of use, and affordability, Arduino has become the number one choice for developing solutions for the IoT, which has been predicted to become a $6 trillion market by 2021. Cayenne further simplifies the development process by providing tools to easily and quickly visualize sensor data and control actuators using a web dashboard or smartphone app. This no-hassle visualization is possible because Cayenne’s cloud service is securely connected to Arduino microcontrollers. The ability to build and manage IoT prototypes with Cayenne’s full-featured IoT Project Builder is as easy as drag, drop, and configure.

HexCorp, a product design consulting firm, conducted an independent benchmark study with Cayenne. “We compared the amount of time it took for two teams to build the same simple IoT project with and without Cayenne using an Arduino Uno, a temperature sensor, and an LED light bulb. Our tests indicate that the team utilizing Cayenne was 6X faster in developing their IoT project and eliminated at least 27 manual steps compared to the team building with the standard method,” says Mike Hexter, Founder of HexCorp. “Cayenne streamlined the onboarding process and also eliminated many of the common human-induced errors associated with coding.”

Exclusive date visualization features and functionality include:

• Drag-and-drop widgets to create a customized project dashboard
• Sketch files provided to quickly and securely connect Arduino hardware
• Visualize Arduino sensor data with minimal setup
• Create triggers & alerts between different platforms (supports both Arduino and Raspberry Pi hardware)
• Ability to create widgets for any connected sensor or actuator

To sign up for a free Cayenne account, go to

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