MV Couplers Outfit Overhead Power Lines

MV Couplers Outfit Overhead Power Lines
Premo Corp.

Designed for outdoor, overhead power-line installations, the MICU-300A OH/LF series high-current MV inductive couplers offer insulation greater than 24 kV. They are described as compact, water-resistant (IP67), and weightless solution and are fully compatible with mature and consolidated PRIME PLC standard and G3 popular standard, managed by the G3-PLC Alliance. Additionally, the series supports CENELEC band (up to 150 kHz) (Europe) and FCC (U.S.), which permits the use of frequencies less than 500 kHz for narrow band PLC. Made with high permeability and high performance materials that avoid saturation problems at high currents, the components specify insertion losses of 12 dB ±2 dB at 100 to 250 kHz and 5 dB ±2 dB at 250 to 600 kHz. A datasheet is available at

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