Murata’s SCC2000 Combo and SCA10H/SCA11H Contactless Patient Monitoring MEMS sensors

Murata’s SCC2000 Integrated and SCA10H/SCA11H Series Ballistocardiographic Sensors
Murata Electronics North America Inc.

The SCC2000 series are combined sensors consisting of a low-g 3 axis accelerometer with two angular rate sensor options of either X or Z axis detection. Claiming best in class temperature dependency, shock sensitivity, and bias stability, the sensors are suitable for use in harsh environment applications within the automotive and industrial markets. For more details, visit

The SCA10H/SCA11H series are ballistocardiographic sensors designed for continuous contact-less patient monitoring in elderly care centers, hospitals, or in the home. They employ ballistocardiology (BCG) techniques and the company’s ultra-sensitive MEMS accelerometers to provide vital sign information such as Heart Rate(HR), Heart Rate Variation(HRV), Relative Stroke volume(SV), Respirator Rate (RR) and bed occupancy. For more details, go to  

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