Murata launches automotive-grade monolithic ceramic capacitors

Smyrna, GA – Murata Americas has developed the GRT series, a new line of automotive-grade monolithic ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) that meets the Automotive Electronics Council’s (AEC)-Q200 Grade 2 standard. The line is ideal for automotive infotainment and comfort-and-convenience applications, such as navigation systems and audio equipment. It offers a case size of 0201 to 1210 (EIA), capacitance range of 1.0pF to 100uF, and 4 to 100VDC rated voltage. Further, the line delivers temperature characteristics of X5R, X6S, X7R, and C0G.

Over the last several years, there has been an increased demand for both industry-compliant and automotive grade MLCCs. Murata’s GRT series is comprised of several variations of the solution to ensure that the market’s needs are being fully met. The lineup consists of a range of 818 capacitors offering different temperature characteristics, rated voltages, and case sizes. Given that, these components deliver enhanced reliability in a decreased package size – two critical benefits in designing for infotainment and comfort-and-convenience devices.

“Murata is unsurpassed when it comes to miniaturizing a solution while not only maintaining, but enhancing capabilities. Having an entire product line dedicated to the automotive infotainment market speaks to our strategic vision and commitment to advancing both emerging and established markets,” said Peter Tiller, General Manager - Component & Timing Product, Murata Americas.

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