Multipoint IR Temperature Monitor from Hana Engineering

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Hana Engineering Co. Ltd.

The TC4 TempCam from Hana Engineering Co. Ltd., Ansungsi, South Korea, is a compact IR/CCTV camera designed for stationary temperature monitoring inside the close quarters of sealed high-voltage and mechanical equipment to prevent arcing and fires. The IR camera can continuously monitor the temperature of up to 6 user-defined objects while the CCTV camera is for initial setup and target identification. It also provides an immediate visual check if temperature alarms occur. The device has a 50° or 75° field of view and monitors objects at a distance of 10–80 in. It is compatible with SCADA and Ethernet networks. (U.S.: 805-617-3339, [email protected])

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Company: Hana Engineering Co. Ltd.
Country: Korea, Republic of
Phone number: +82 31-673-7046

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