Multiple 1-100 Channel 1080P60 HDMI Video Over IP Encoder Solution

LONDON --- Antrica unveils the ANT-2000 multiple channel input HD encoder. The ANT-2000 encoder is a multiple independent channel HDMI input encoder solution, and is 1U rack mountable and scalable. Meaning that if 1 - 100 channels are needed then the appropriate number of Encoders can be purchased and mounted together. This flexibility means that it can be cost efficient and future proof in terms of scalability, if in future more inputs are required.

The only limitation on the number of inputs that can be installed in a scenario is down to the individual network, the bit rate of the stream, and the bandwidth available (and/or a combination of these). Theoretically a system can be expanded to +100 streams - assuming the network / infrastructure could support it.

Key benefits include:
•Low cost solution - contact us for a competitive price!
•Scalable & buildable - buy what you need, and add to it if you require.
•High resolution HDMI input encoding (1920 x 1080p60)
•Rack mountable (1U)

The ANT-2000 solution supports (1-100+) x 1080P60 inputs via HDMI 1.3a and can stream HTTP, RTSP, RTMP and MPEG-TS over UDP. The use of the product in a working scenario could be connected to a computer, which can then stream a desktop in full 1920 x 1080 resolution at 60Hz, or for use in set top box monitoring purposes.

The ANT-2000 solution provides 0.8 to 12 Mbits/sec encoding rates with de-interlacing , noise reduction and sharpening features. Video is streamed in CBR or VBR modes based on a GOP architecture H.264 high profile. Audio supported is AAC and MP3 quality.

The ANT-2000 solution is available now. For more details, visit

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