Multifunction I/O Card from VTI Instruments

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VTI Instruments Corp.

The EX1200-1538 from VTI Instruments Corp., Irvine, CA, is a multifunction I/O card with enhanced measurement capabilities. The card offers 8 channels of independent, 1 MHz frequency/32-bit counter inputs, 16 channels of isolated digital I/O, and 2 channels of isolated analog output in a single instrument. It can directly measure frequency, totalize counts, RPM, and quadrature input signals. Applications include precision frequency and counter/timer measurements in ATE systems, motion or position measurements from rotating shafts, and monitoring the speeds of motors or turbines. The isolated DAC and I/O mean the card can also be used for a range of industrial control applications.

Contact Info

Company: VTI Instruments Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 949-955-1894
Fax: 949-955-3041

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