Multichannel Temperature Transmitter from Moore

Multichannel Temperature Transmitter from Moore
Moore Industries-International Inc.

The TCS temperature concentrator system from Moore Industries-International Inc., North Hills, CA, concentrates up to 32 temperature sensor signals onto a single twisted-pair wire. The system accepts any combination of RTD, thermocouple, mV, and resistance/potentiometer signal inputs, converts them to HART, and transmits the data to the control room on a HART digital data link over a twisted-pair cable. The TCS accepts 2-, 3-, or 4-wire Pt, Cu, or Ni RTDs; Type J, K, E, T, R, S, N, B, and C thermocouples, 0–4000 ohm resistance/potentiometer; and –50 to 1000 mV inputs. Custom linearization can be defined for any input. A HART-to-Modbus converter is optional.

Contact Info

Company: Moore Industries-International Inc.
Phone number: 818-894-7111
Fax: 818-891-2816

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