Multi-Voltage Capacitive Sensors Offer Relay Output

Multi-Voltage Capacitive Sensors Offer Relay Output
Carlo Gavazzi Inc.

The multi-voltage CA30CLN12M Series capacitive sensor includes a 2A SPDT relay output and offers an optional time-delay output. The component detects solid, fluid, or granulated substances and is constructed in a threaded M30 housing. The back of the sensor features up to two IP67 integrated adjustment potentiometers for adjusting the sensing distance and an optional potentiometer for the time delay. Technical specifications include

• Multi voltage power supply 21 to 255 VAC/DC
• 2 A SPDT relay output
• M30 PBT housing with cable connection
• Up to two integrated IP67 rated trimmer shafts
• Multi-turn potentiometer for distance: 4-12 mm
• Optional multi-turn potentiometer for time delay: 1 second to 10 minute
• Laser printing of the main specifications on the sensor
• IP67 ratings and NEMA 1, 2, 4, 4X, 5, 6, 6P and 12
• cULus approval as well as CE marking

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