Multi-Sensor RFID Tags Boast 10-Meter Read Range

Powercast unveils what it is calling the industry’s first RFID Sensor Tags that integrate multiple sensors in a single tag. They are also said to provide the industry’s longest read range of 10m, or 32 ft. High accuracy temperature, humidity and light sensors are now available, with more sensor types planned for the future. Tags for sensing the RFID reader’s field are also available and use an on-board LED to show field strength. The tags enable environmental condition monitoring throughout the shipping journey. For example, temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals or perishable products packed with dry ice. The company offers two versions: the PCT100 that enables battery-free wireless sensing and can read data within seconds and the PCT200 that adds a battery with the unique ability to recharge using any standard RFID reader’s field, making the tag reusable without plugging in or changing batteries. With up to one month of battery life without recharging, the PCT200 provides long-lasting data-logging capabilities while outside the RF field. Users can set its data read times from one minute to one hour.


The PCT100 and PCT200 can be configured with one, two or three sensors in any combination of temperature, humidity, and light. The PCT100 can also be configured with an on-board LED for showing an RFID reader’s field strength and to verify that it is reading properly. Sample quantities with evaluation software are available from Mouser, Arrow, and Future Electronics. Large quantities will range from $10 to $35 depending on configuration. For more details, visit


Powercast Corp.

Pittsburgh, PA



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