Multi-Sensor DAQ IC/Development Kit Target Personal Health Apps

Multi-Sensor DAQ IC/Development Kit Target Personal Health Apps
imec USA

Based on an open hardware platform, Imec’s development kit uses an integrated multi-sensor data acquisition chip that combines on-board digital signal processing with analog interfaces for multiple body sensors, such as electrocardiogram (ECG) and bio-impedance. The development kit is small and light-weight and has an open sensor platform that’s fully customizable with different sensors enabling the development of wearable and personal healthcare applications. It consists of a customizable sensor layer (including 3-lead ECG, bio-impedance, accelerometer and microphone), the MUSEIC chip, SD card storage, a Bluetooth (4.0) and Bluetooth low-energy compliant radio, and a separate ARM Cortex M4 processor. In a typical use case collecting ECG, bio-impedance and three-axis accelerometer data, the kit consumes 10 mW on average, low enough for at least a few days of monitoring on a single battery charge. For more details, visit

imec USA
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