Multi-Output Automotive PMIC Packs Buck-Boost Pre-Regulator

Converting automotive battery voltages into a regulated intermediate voltage, complete with control, diagnostics, and protections, the A4408 multi-output PMIC supplies a 5V/115 mA tracking/protected LDO, 3.3V/165 mA LDO, 5V/325 mA LDO, and an adjustable output synchronous buck regulator (1.25V/700 mA). Suitable for under-hood applications, the device contains a watchdog timer that’s programmable to accept a wide range of clock frequencies. The timer has a fixed activation delay to accommodate processor startup and an enable/disable pin to facilitate initial factory programming or field reflash programming. The A4408 comes in a 1.2-mm maximum height, 38-lead eTSSOP package (suffix “LV”) with exposed thermal pad. Price is $2.72 each/1,000. Check out the DATASHEET.


Allegro MicroSystems

Worcester, MA


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