Multi-Finger Gesture Controller and Activity Tracker With Wireless Charging? Yes: Arcus Motion Analyzer

NEW YORK and BUDAPEST, Hungary -- The team at Arcus Motion just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with a ring that truly highlights how far motion tracking technology has come. This unique wearable ring called Arcus is a motion tracking device offering greater accuracy than the currently available arm-banded or bracelet motion detectors.

Users can get valuable information and insights regarding their movements while doing sports, but the ring also provides a platform for hands-free use and control of tablets, media players or even SmartTVs using simple finger gestures. Arcus tracks the motion and recognizes finger gestures of users and sends this information to smartphones or tablets, moreover, it possesses unique features such as multi-finger support and wireless charging.

Taking Sports Tracking to a Whole New Level

Arcus can detect even the slightest finger movements, therefore it is ideal for tracking and analyzing sports movements, such as a golf swing or swimming strokes, while also offering the ability to control Bluetooth enabled devices and to work seamlessly with a variety of unique mobile applications.

"It's comfortable to wear Arcus during training and it supports my Olympic preparation." Zsófia Czéllai, 2012 Kayak World Champion

Arcus Moves Beyond Simple Athletic Motion Tracking

Athletics isn't the only area where the motion tracking capabilities of Arcus can take center stage, either. The ring promises to connect to a wide array of Bluetooth capable devices, making it possible to play FPS games, control a personal media player or smart home devices using.

Top Features

Arcus includes the best features from all of its top competitors in a single product. Not only does it offer activity tracking and sport analytics, but it supports all fingers and provides excellent gesture recognition. The ring will support mobile connectivity and will come with a number of ready-to-use mobile apps.

The company is launching a Kickstarter campaign to get the ring ready to roll out to the public. There are many rewards of the campaign to choose from, with many offering backers the chance to get their hands on an Arcus of their very own.

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